The Fish Species


Mahseer like this can be hooked on dry flies, nymphs and streamers… Landing one is quite another matter!

Freshwater Sport Fish of Northern Thailand

The Mae Hong Son region offers several species of freshwater fish that can readily be caught by traditional fly-fishing techniques and equipment.

Rivers & Streams Fishing

These are all endemic to tributaries of the Salween River, in Mae Hong Son province, northern Thailand.

Of these, the Mahseer are extraordinarily like big brown trout in both habit, and habitat. They are equally wary, possessed of keen eyesight, and love big dry flies!

One major difference between trout and mahseer is their tolerance of warm waters – another is their astonishing strength! Those big fins propel them at tremendous speed and their acceleration is stunning!

Mahseer are the premium sports fish in the region, and the biggest of them is the Golden Mahseer… In India, in days gone by, Golden Mahseer of 50 kgs were not unheard of. In north-west Thailand, Mahseer of +10kgs are often seen, but landing one with fly tackle is quite another matter!

Lake & Reservoir Fly Fishing

The two main wild sport fish species available in lakes and reservoirs of northern Thailand are;

These are truly wild native fish species – not pond-reared exotic fish that are hand-fed daily to make them easy to catch.

Fishing Parks

These usually offer a wide variety of both native and exotic fish species.


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